Sunday, February 28, 2016

One year ago today

I woke up a little bit early today. As usual, first thing in the morning...Facebook!

I had 6 notifications, one of them is my memories for February 28. I saw last year post and I was like: Yeah, I remember this. I remember the old woman who was helping her "Khello" crossing the street of Hamra after stopping the car for him. I remember her love and compassion. I was so touched I shared what she said on Facebook.
Actually, I remember this day in details.
I didn't sleep and had to go to the hairdresser early before my class. My hairdresser Mansour, a hard worker Syrian refugee, came at 7:00 AM in the morning just to help me. How can I forget this? Mansour doesn't live in Lebanon anymore. He left. I would call him to say Thank you again if I have his number.

I went then to my class. My students showed empathy on that day even though I didn't mention I was tired. I can't remember if it was a Microsoft Word class or Excel but I can remember well they made me smile with their comments and offers for food.

I also remember I made my friend angry on that day without meaning it. She told me that two days later:
-  You made me angry Soha.
- I am sorry I didn't mean it.
Anyway, we're not talking now. It's been two months and I miss her.

Back to that day. I remember I decided to have lunch alone. Me, myself and I. Best thing when you're drained and you can't even think.
In the evening, I had to attend Charbel Rouhana Concert with my friend and his fiancé who's visiting Beirut. I remember I promised to take her to 24x7, the famous shop in Hamra, to have some chocolates. But, they were late so I went to buy her chocolates alone. I was happy to see her on that day. We didn't meet since then.
Back! I couldn't attend the whole concert. I left early, went back home and slept!

It was on my way to 24x7 when I saw "Khello" and his beautiful wife who made me write a simple post...The reason why I am remembering all this, and wondering what type of memories I will make today.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

London, York and Birmingham beauty in pictures

The beauty of the lovely London, York and Birmingham in pictures during my visit in December 2015.

London: Brands and Advertising Museum, Covent Garden, Transportation Museum, London Eye, Hyde Park, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, St. James's Park and Uxbridge Road.