Thursday, September 26, 2013 blog

I finally have my OWN blog! Six months ago, the idea of having my own blog had hit me, though decisive, hesitation was always there mostly because of my not-so-strong English language skills. Then, two of my friends who knew the reason behind having a blog encouraged me to do it and offered their copy writing skills.

The reason is my thoughts. Thoughts that are related to all the tough problems I faced in life that made me hurt, angry, scared and even unstable sometimes. But, at the same time, they shaped my personality and made me a positive strong person yet sensitive and humanitarian.
I truly believe that lots of people might be passing through similar troubles and they are fighting by their own to get out of them. Yes, we learn from our own problems and faults. We grow up because of them. We become stronger. But sometimes, others’ stories can change our perception and inspire us. So, I had that feeling to share with readers, through “Sohappened”, my experience in self-dealing with my problems, how I overcame them and how I look at them now.

I really hope that my posts can make a difference in reader’s life and do small changes to their life, small changes that matter.

Welcome to my blog!