Friday, May 15, 2015


Perfectionists are those who want everything in their life to be perfectly perfect: their reputation, their persona, their grades, their work, their relationships, their social media profiles, their conversations with others, their actions and reactions...literally everything!

That's why, most of the time, they're tired, unhappy even when they're happy, anxious and stressed. They can never stop self criticism. They always have an inner saboteur that doesn't leave them alone. It's always there telling them how more perfect things should have been done or how more perfect their look and their behaviors should have been...

Although they know that nothing and nobody's perfect, they can't just let go.

Well, actually, and honestly, after being seriously tired so many times from seeking perfection in almost everything I do, even my thoughts, I realized that:

  • Perfection in everything is not only impossible and tiring but also boring.
  • Perfection is not in the details. And, good news!! People don't notice small details. Most of the time, they don't really care.
  • Seeking perfection won't burn calories. Bad news perfectionista!
  • Imperfection can be beautiful and attractive.
  • "Let it go" is more effective than a headache pain killer. It's good for a deep sleep as well. Trust me!
  • People who truly love us, love us for who we are and not because we're perfect. Cliché! But true...
  • It's seriously, truly, OK if perfect is not perfect.

Perfectionists always forget that only God is Perfect. Didn't He says in the Holy Quran: وَلِلَّهِ الْمَثَلُ الأعْلَى? Human beings cannot and will never be perfect. Period.

Finally, here's a perfect mantra for you perfectionists:
Who cares who cares who cares....
Let it go let it go let it go...

Heels were initially designed for men
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