Friday, January 23, 2015

Somewhere else

Suddenly, you lose your focus. Something strange and unrealistic made you lose it.
You just can't focus anymore! You're not focusing while working, driving, eating, reading and even while chatting with people around you.
You're not here, where you should be. You're somewhere else. You're living in a different world. You're breathing different air. You're eating tastier food. You're listening to a different music. You're enjoying long rides. You're smiling. You're laughing. You're not here. You're somewhere else. You're in a magical place.
Oh!! No! No! No! You need to focus again. You have to. But what is it exactly needed to focus again? It's definitely not work, nor your favorite music, nor your favorite TRX class...not even a funny hangout with your friends.
It could be chocolate, a kid's laugh, a book, a trip...or maybe all of them combined together!

It could be that same strange and unrealistic thing that made you lose your focus in the first place!

Photo by "The Eyes of Children Around The World"

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