Thursday, December 4, 2014

My phone-less week

It was an exciting yet anxious November morning during the Beirut Marathon. I had forgotten to buy an armband so I had to keep my phone with me while running for 10 Km straight for the first time.

It took me more than one hour of running where I tried to forget about the shooting pain in my legs and focus on the finish line.

WOW!! The finish line beckoned. “Yes,” I thought to myself. “I did it… but with a damaged phone."

The result, obviously, was a phone-less Sunday afternoon.

The next day I started immediately working on fixing my six months old lovely iPhone. To cut the story short, my iPhone 5S can't be fixed. My only options were to either exchange it through Apple representatives in Lebanon with an extra $500 or buy a new one. And, both were impossible before two weeks. That's another two long and excruciating days without a phone.

But to tell you the truth, despite the sadness I had for losing a not very old phone, I started enjoying my new phone-less life.

And here's my story with this world called "Digital".
I am addicted to the digital world, there’s no denying it. I prefer digital reading. I spend approximately 30 minutes a day reading interesting articles and news.
I love Facebook and I do share daily up to 3 public posts that reflect me, what I do, what I love and how I think. I also, hit so many times that like button whenever I scan quickly the news feed.
Those who know me very well, know that I am a Google addict. Well, I guess I am! My Gmail is open round the clock, my Gmail social tab is bombarded everyday by more than 100 emails from people and pages I am following on Google+, and for me, Google news don’t count for my daily 30 minutes of reading. They’re a totally different story.

All these can be accessible through a smartphone or a desktop. Notifications everywhere.
And, don't forget the awesome WhatsApp!!

Recently, I became more paperless: my important files are always on Google Drive; Contacts, Notes, Events, Reminders are either on my phone, my Gmail or my Outlook.

All this is quite good, believe me. It keeps you updated and gives you the knowledge you need for your career and self-development. It opens you to the world. But, on the other side, it can seriously give you headaches and stress.

Sometimes, you feel like you want to switch off all devices and just look around you and forget about notifications. And, I do it from time to time. I do what I call a Digital Detox which is 2 days or 3 without 3G and any kind of social media. People can reach me only by calling me. It's a needed medicine for all the stress you feel and caused by social media and WhatsApp.

Well, here I am without a phone. No calls, no 3G. So why not benefiting from it? Why not enjoying it? From November 10 till November 17 I lived, or should I say survived, without a phone.

A typical day during my phone-less week went as follows:
“The first thing I see in the morning when I wake up, my room and not my phone screen; I dress up without WhatsApp distraction; I drive without notification temptations; I work without looking every minute on my phone; I read my book more quickly; I watch TV; I enjoy my lunch break; I look around; I give more attention to my surrounding; I focus.”

I simply enjoyed life.

Now I have a temporary phone and guess what? I am not taking care of it. I am not giving it the attention I gave to my old ones. I am having a life and giving my phone some space during the day.

Give yours a break and enjoy life.

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