Saturday, August 23, 2014

The let go wall

I can't really explain why I'm that much attached and addicted to Ted Talks and Tedx events and salons happening in Lebanon. Inspiration, discovery and fun are the three main things hiding behind my new passion. 

Today, after attending my second TedX LAU event, Time Capsule X, a new word came up and summarize it all: Therapy.
Exactly, this is it! This is what I feel, most of the time, after watching a Ted Talk online. And this is how Tedx LAU event ended today, with a super funny and therapeutic activity. 

In the morning, a huge black wall was waiting for us in the social space, where we wrote all the things that are stopping us from moving on and that we need to get rid of and LET GO: poverty, fear, war, corruption, discrimination, racism, stereotypes, social classes, hate, self-hate, the past, beauty madness..... It was a HUGE WALL!!

At the end of the day, we all gathered facing this huge black wall and threw colorful powder balls! Oh and I didn't want to throw the green ball I had anywhere. No! I searched for the three words I wrote on that wall and threw my favorite color aggressively to them. Oh my God, that was amazingly therapeutic. Don't you wish to do it as well? Actually with all what's happening in this world and especially in Lebanon in addition to the stress we're facing daily, I wish I can do it everyday! 

And then, suddenly, the funny powder fight began. 

TedX LAU Let Go wall

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  1. You couldn't have described it better Sou!
    Indeed, in a world full of black.ness, Ted X visionaries used a .black. wall for people to write on it what's wrong with the world of today. Wrong done by people. But then, you can see how we, the people, can turn dark.ness into Light! We painted this .dark. wall with colors, showing that it's up to us & only us to let in those rays of Light; because Light breaks through the dark.ness and Light, is Life! <3