Monday, July 14, 2014

How free is that

My current status on Whatsapp is "I am free". My cover photo on Facebook, taken from the beautiful Facebook page, The Eyes of Children around the World, has "I am FREE" as a caption. I wanted lately and for many reasons to remind myself that I am free.
Surprisingly, today, I came across a beautiful campaign about beauty, called Stop the Beauty Madness. It aims to say enough to the ideal images and standards we have about beauty and that keep little girls, young ladies and even old women from moving on. The campaign's ads are beautiful, touching and powerful. But It was this one that touched me the most.

Why? Because it simply reminded me of myself and how free I am now!
I had curly hair. Yes, I had! My hair is not 100% naturally curly now. It needs a special product and a soft styler to look like it was originally. And why is that? Because no one loved my hair when I was a teenager. The comments I was getting from people were mainly related to how classy I'll look like if I straighten my hair. So I was constantly doing it straight until I finally GREW UP, and I realized I have beautiful hair. 
Yes my curly hair is beautiful, because simply, it's like this. It's natural. It's who I am. Now, I feel a little bit sad when I do this extra effort to make it curly but I feel PROUD to know that it's originally CURLY, and most probably, my daughter will have it curly as well. And guess what? I see it CLASSY and ELEGANT. How free is that?

The photo just explained perfectly what I am really feeling towards my curly hair and the pressure I had from all the beauty standards. It gives a small idea about the kind of freedom I am talking about lately. 

Unfortunately, the hair is just one example. I believe there are lots of other beauty standards that are stopping so many gorgeous girls out there from growing up and moving on.
So come one beautiful ladies, take a breath and feel free.

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