Thursday, May 29, 2014

Switzerland...This is fun for me

Smiley faces, peaceful and helpful people, bicycles, chocolates, trees, flowers, white swans, peace and love. That's Switzerland, a country I wanted to visit a long time ago and stayed on the top of my to do list for more than 10 years. Finally, I did it. I visited the country in April. I spent an amazing week where I had the chance to simply forget all the stress and the problems, let go, and have some fun by visiting 4 different cities and experiencing everyday things.
Switzerland was simply what I was seeking after a very long and tough journey. For all those who asked me why Switzerland? Here are beautiful highlights from my trip! And yeah!! "This is fun for me".


People help the people. Yes they do and sometimes they do it without you asking for it. They're simply amazing, helpful and peaceful people smiling all the time.


Beautiful trees, yellow and red flowers, white swans, ducks...and much more.

Did you ever see an 80 years old man riding a bicycle? A special road for bicycles? A parking for Bicycles? Bicycles bicycles everywhere. Learning how to ride one is now on the top of my to do list.


Never thought I will fall in love with long trips in train. Trains are panoramic with a breathtaking and all-round views which make the trips magically enjoyable and relaxing.


I seriously didn't care about gaining weight!! I was on vacation after all. If you're a chocolate lover, you definitely need to visit Switzerland...ASAP.


Oh!! The Quiche is so yummy! The cheese is so different and the Italian food is wow!! Swiss people really know how to cook...


I stayed in Winterthur where I felt like home. Then from there, I visited Geneva, Zurich, Melide and Lucerne.

The Broken Chair, a symbol for peace in Geneva

Red Cross museum:

The humanity adventure. Henry Dunant, Solferino battle, witnesses, martyrs, prisoners, dignity...Things that only a Red Cross member can fully understand.


A park in Melide where you see a mini Switzerland.

Transportation Museum:

A very nice museum in Lucerne. This Museum is a creative way to learn about the history and the development of Swiss transportation.

What did I get from this trip? Peace of Mind, even if it was for a short period of time.

Travelling teaches you new things you never knew they exist. It nurtures your soul. But, never choose countries just because of a friend's feedback or a perfect review online. Destinations should be related to your values, your dreams and your heart. There, you will experience magic.

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