Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day of Happiness

Yesterday I received an email from Action for Happiness launching their campaign in the occasion of the UN International Day of Happiness on March 20.

The global campaign is about inviting people to reclaim happiness back from advertisers who are telling us that happiness comes from buying and consuming their products, from celebrities and media that are pretending happiness comes with beauty and fame, and from politicians who are claiming that nothing matters more than growing the economy. The campaign is also inviting people to share what makes them really happy by capturing their moment of happiness and share it on social media with the official hashtag #happinessday.

Well, yes. Today is the international day of happiness and it's definitely an opportunity to stay away from the big things that are stopping us from enjoying small things that matter. The campaign itself is a great idea to feel happy today and to simply enjoy. Personally, I will not allow anything to disturb my happiness today, absolutely nothing. I will enjoy my day as much as I can. I will enjoy eating, I will enjoy driving even in Lebanon, I will enjoy the music, the laughs with my friends and colleagues, the sun, the fresh air...I will simply enjoy.

And now, let's reclaim happiness.

Happiness is eating chocolate with your eyes closed
Happiness is waking up early, wearing your running shoes and doing a morning jog
Happiness is putting your earphones and listening to your favorite music
Happiness is singing while doing your daily makeup
Happiness is hugging your sisters so tight before they go to school
Happiness is having a quick conversation with one of the kids begging for money in the street
Happiness is smiling to strangers
Happiness is saying "Bonjour tout le monde" when you arrive at work
Happiness is sharing food with your colleagues during lunch break
Happiness is listening to your friends' problems even if you can't help
Happiness is hugging your friend when they need it
Happiness is doing a small random act of kindness
Happiness is travelling to your favorite country
Happiness is screaming out loud just to feel better
Happiness is knowing your small dreams are coming true
Happiness is many other small details...

Happy international day of happiness!

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