Thursday, December 26, 2013

Your zeitgeist 2013

A year passed. 12 months and 365 days passed. Another huge book is closed. The chapters’ titles are definitely the same: Family, Love, Relationships, Friends, Money, Work, University and School. What differ are only the stories and their details.

Goodbyes, newborns, hugs, fights, successes, failures, promotions, ups and downs happened during this year. But the good and the bad happened for a reason. The good made us happy and the bad taught us something (well, if we think deeply, yes it did). Everyone now is trying to set their resolutions. But, I believe that before making any new ones, it’s important to review what happened. Companies work on their reports before setting their new business plan and objectives. Don’t they?

That’s why I decided to close my year with this blog post opening the room for everyone to share their short stories, happy or sad, and write about the lessons they learned. You can mention your name or post your comment as anonymous. Choose the language that you want, Arabic, French or English. What matters is the share, and the smiles or the lessons that you might give to others. And, nobody knows, you might inspire someone.

Well, let’s do our own zeitgeist here.

My zeitgeist 2013


  1. I fit the description of the term "Local girl" for I never left Tripoli for a long period of time. I went to school, uni and now work in Tripoli & I am OK with that. I don't think I fit or belong anywhere else. Last May, I have experienced my first flight, first vacation abroad: the destination was Istanbul. I had the time of my life, the best 5 days ever spent and even the "Local girl" wasn't a bit nostalgic meanwhile. I had another chance to travel in August, and I went to Jordan and though it wasn't as great but it was a big deal of fun nevertheless. My point? Every person should have to travel outside the country once a year. It is extremely healthy and it doesn't have to cost a lot. If you plan it right, you would benefit from special offers and maybe plan your own tours. My traveling experience was the best thing that happened to me in 2013.

    1. I totally agree with you. Traveling is the best thing you can do to recharge and get some positive energy. Thank you for sharing your happy experience here. I wish you a very happy new year and may all your small and big dreams come true.

  2. I've been into everything this year, no matter how much I despise limiting time into years and frames, bah. I've lost a lover and gained a friend, I've learned that easy come easy go, literally. I've learned I'm a huge hypocrite, unknowingly. I learned that I'm a failed project of a social person, a total waste of conversational talent, YET, I bloomed into the most wonderful human being ever, again, unknowingly. I smiled my heart out, I cried occasionally, I laughed, I hugged and I was ashamed of a handful of stuff I've done. I've made a lot of lifetime friends that I hadn't noticed they were there all along. I reached places I never knew I would ever be at. My name was called at a stage one time :) I believe I only have left to thank you, your post made what seemed impossible just this morning a lot easier for me now. Again, thank you.

  3. Souss
    I just wanted u to know u left a mark in my heart and life as well.
    Without u, i wouldnt be working on our social project that began in the CSR in action workshop which u encourage me to participate in. And without u, i didnt come up with the social idea and succeed in it, i learned from u a lot of things. U mainly changed my life, and left a positive impact on me and several people as well.
    Ur a person i really appreciate and proud to be one of ur friends:)
    I am sure u have changed a lot of people 's lives and u will keep on changing them in a positive way
    Best wishes souss for 2014:) and wish u a year full of happiness and success...

    1. Maud honestly I can't find words to reply. Thank you a lot! I am proud to have u as a friend as well! Wish you more success in 2014. Happy New Year my dear friend

  4. ما بعرف شو بدي أكتب بس باختصار
    هل سنة عرفت انو لبنان بعمرو ما حيصير بلد و انو خليني سافر و انفد بريشي قبل ما موت بالانفجار الجايي
    خليني ارجع روح لمحل ما خلقت
    معلش بعيد عن الرفقة و الاهل و الاحباب ...
    اصلا اي رفقة و اي اصحاب
    ليش بعد في حدا ؟؟
    يلاا ان شاء الله هل سنة بخلص ال
    B.Sc بهندسة الكهرباء
    و طاير دغري خط عسكري عأميركا ...


    1. للأسف إنو هيك حاسين كلنا...انشالله بال-٢٠١٤ يكون في أمل أكبر بقلوبنا و انشالله بتتخرج وكل امنياتك تتحقق. كل عام وإنت بخير

  5. To a person that started as an acquaintance, then became my CSR partner, and ended up to be one great friend. You have been a great part of my life throughout 2012 through some of the pictures you have posted and you are still until now a great friend. Thank you for all the things that you have thaught me, for your motivation, for your great spirit, for all the discussions we had together, and for your friendship. Thank you for the previous post that you wrote about me. You can not know how much I am grateful for all. Sorry for the big delay in my post but better later than never :-). x x x x

    1. Rima!! you are an amazing friend as well. Thank you for your lovely words and a big thank you for your great and continuous support! Wish you all the best in 2014.