Thursday, December 12, 2013

Unforgettable people

Throughout our life, we meet lots of people. Some of them stay in our life and others, for whatever reasons, just disappear. I personally get attached to people I meet and I hate seeing them go away. I honestly really hate goodbyes.

Even if people get out of my life, I tend to remember them especially if they taught me something or gave me a valuable advice. How many times do we remember a person, that is now a stranger, who previously taught us something?

These lessons and advice can’t actually be learned at school or at university. At the time being, they seem tedious and meaningless but they have strongly impacted our life by changing the details of it. For example, I once had an old helpful colleague called Mirna. We worked together for almost 3 years at New Horizons Computer Learning Center. In 2006, I bought my first car and Mirna was going with me to the gym after work when she suddenly noticed that I don’t know how to use the brakes smoothly. And, this is when Mirna taught me how to effectively step on the brake pedals in a way that increased my safety as well as others’ safety, and helped me better preserve my car. A year after, I stopped working with Mirna but every time I smoothly push down on the brakes I am reminded of the lesson she had taught me. I remember her regardless of the fact that we rarely talk over the phone or on Facebook.

In the end, she’s the one who taught me. Mirna might not remember it but I do. Maybe that’s why we never forget our teachers. And that’s also why I make sure to give my students small tips and advice that are helpful to their lives. I actually love teaching what seem to be small things to people even if they are strangers. It’s not because I want them to remember me but because it can impact their daily lives.

You can’t imagine how many people I remember every day because of the details they added to my life. Whether they are still part of it or not, I still have that inner smile that warms me whenever I apply the lessons taught.

Everytime I push down on the brake's pedal smoothly, I remember you Mirna
Everytime I search for my IP address, I remember you Kamel
Everytime I turn on the heater in my car, I remember you Imad
Everytime I receive Oprah's quotes by email, I remember you Iman
Everytime I use Photoshop, I remember you Elisa
Everytime I say good morning, I love you or I miss you in Armenian, I remember you Gassia
Everytime I do the happy dance, I remember you Nadine
Everytime I cook sweet potatoes, I remember you Farah
Everytime I read marketing articles, I remember you Rabih
Everytime I use the curler to do my hair, I remember you Sahar
And everytime I open this blog to write a post, I remember you Natheer

Thank you all. Some of you are mentioned and others are not, but that does not mean you didn't leave your mark on both my heart and my life. To wrap things up, and as Mike Lancaster said: "I think that's what we all want, in the end. To know that we left footprints when we passed by, however briefly."


  1. Indeed, you were the cherry on the top of each one's life..The positive way you look at things..The strength and patience you showed life in dealing with its obstacle make you just a special person whom I am proud to have in my life...and always and forever happy dance :D

    1. Happy Dance!! Thank you for the lovely comment. I love you :)